It’s Christmas Time in the City

This poem isn’t mine, it’s from my lovely and excellent-with-words friend and former college roommate, Dee Ann.  A few nights ago, we watched the Nativity movie with a group of St. Louis high school kids, which made the Christmas story hit home a little more.

nd there were living nearby

gang leaders
keeping watch
over their hookers by night,
shooting up
those last doses of heroin
into their hungry veins–
when a red blinking light
shone around them,
and they were sore afraid.
then the trooper
cuffed their wrists
and led them off
past a white-bearded man
in a jolly red suit
and an oblivious group
of well-dressed suburbanites
singing carols about peace on earth.
but there is no peace
in the hood,
where addiction lingers
and violence thrives
and where gonorrhea spreads
more quickly
than gifts and good cheer.
maybe this broken city of angels
needs a homeless man
to move in
and to take every bullet
upon his own tired flesh–
to die
for the bloods
and the crips
and the schizophrenic man
hearing voices
in the alleyway
and the poor unwed mother
about to sacrifice
the growing child in her womb.
city sidewalks
busy sidewalks
dressed in the blood
of the last hundred years
and the burning tears
of its many lost sons.
in the city of
a shepherd-king
there is born a savior
who will
give sight to the blind
and strength to the crippled.
and hope
for the hood.
glory to God
in the highest
and on earth
let us go
and see this thing
which has
been made known
to us.
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One Response to It’s Christmas Time in the City

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    You have a very talented friend and it gives us an entirely new concept of an old, old story.

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