Economics 3

As in, “Economics for 3-year-olds.”

Given the descent of things coming from various Santas for little miss Alaythia, we have been trying to implement a few means of teaching her about generosity, sharing resources, and a little budgeting.

The latest goal: realizing she’s not the only person in the world to get presents, and to practice budgeting and sharing her money.  The means: she buys Christmas presents for others with her much-loved stack of 20 one-dollar bills, a birthday gift she got when she turned 3.

So today, we set out with only one mission: doing her Christmas shopping.  After two hours in Target, we had selected 4 things, as she clutched onto her stack of bills and rode around in the cart.  At the checkout line, she nervously handed the checker (who was the sweetest woman ever, and helped me out as I explained what Alaythia was up to) her stack of “monies”.  The total came to $17.68, and so the checker explained the numbers, and handed her back her change.  She looked less happy when her very small stack came back.  Both the checker and I enthusiastically congratulated her on spending just the right amount and doing such a good job shopping.

Back at the car, she was excited about her bag of presents.  But then she got sulky and said, “Mommy, I’m MAD.  I’m FRUSTRATED.  I don’t want 2 monies.  I want my big stack of monies.”

So… we had a little conversation on how the world works, followed by a conversation about how people get more money by working. 

Let’s just say Alaythia is newly intrigued by the idea of cleaning up her toys, helping with dishes and laundry, and emptying some of the dishwasher…


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2 Responses to Economics 3

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Wow! what a great lesson for a wee one. The earlier they learn the better. Keep up the good work. That conceot of spending their own money and working for it is fast becoming lost.

  2. Dixie Jones says:

    Good for you, they are never too early to learn. She sure is a smart little girl. What does she think of Santa? Does she bring up “Dora” very often?? I get the biggest kick out of her. By the way, just started making out Christmas cards, so will you give me your address? I had a little four year old boy here today going through the “toy box”, and he had to take every single little thing out , so while he was busy doing so, I cleaned it out!! We are going to add on to our house, and this boy’s Dad is are carpenter.

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