Humor of the Afternoon

It seems 3-year-olds oscillate at high frequency between being hysterically funny and unbelievably frustrating.

Thankfully, today was more the former for the first day in a while, so it seemed worth memorializing just a few of the many humorous moments of the afternoon.


Alaythia, yelling as she runs through the house: Charlie, where are you?  Charlie??  Mommy, where is my friend Charlie?

me: Charlie’s not here honey, he’s at his house.

Alaythia: But MOMMY!  I need to find him so I can get married with him!!  Maybe I can talk to Mama Keren.

me: trying not to laugh

Kabyn: You guys can just be friends for a while. It’s more fun to be friends than to be married when you’re little.

Alaythia, looks sulky and unhappy about this verdict


Alaythia, out of nowhere over dinner: Mommy, Christmas trees are like people. They have bellies and peepees and buns.

me: ummmmm… this might be beyond my knowledge of science

me, foolishly continuing anyhow in an explanation of plant biology that culminated in: So trees sort of have buns and peepees all over their needles.

Alaythia: laughing hysterically

Kabyn, also laughing: Alaythia, if you decide to say anything about this at preschool when you are learning about trees, please make sure to say “My mommy told me…”


me: Alaythia, your last day of school for the year is tomorrow

Alaythia: Daddy, I’m done with school now!

me: I said for the YEAR.

Alaythia: I’m done with school!  Me and Daddy are done with school!

me: sorry… no one is done with school just yet…


Alaythia, as she tries to remove a sticker from the bottom of Kabyn’s sock: I think I need help getting this sticker off.  I need someone big, and strong, and in a blue shirt, who’s a boy. Yes, that’s who I need.

Kabyn, fitting description perfectly, laughs.


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