So much for Alaythia only liking herbivores… we’re on a kick of watching nature documentaries (something we can all enjoy together on Netflix—she’s a total zoology nut!), and last night we watched some more of a Wild Cats show we’ve been watching this week.  We hit a part where I could tell there was about to be a bloody lion-eats-deer scene so I asked her if she wanted me to skip it.  She tends to be extremely honest when shows are too scary for her, and she happily told me to leave it, she wanted to see it.  I was a little worried but went ahead and let it be.  As the mountain lion finally caught the deer, she cheered and clapped!  As the lion and her cubs had a little dinner, she was delighted to see how the babies were learning to eat and that they were all having a nice dinner.

I, on the other hand, had to look away for a minute, lest my wobbly-pregnant stomach give out on me…

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One Response to Carnivores!

  1. Mae Fulmer says:

    That’s my little girl … deal with nature the way it is. Definitely not all fluffy and fuzzy.

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