I just packed up my makeup-free, fleece-wearing self and the daughter with whom I often co-sleep, and went to my local health food store (not Whole Foods!  LOCAL. 🙂  We got some papaya enzyme and raspberry leaf capsules.  Plus a few specialty gluten-free snacks for my gluten-free man, including a locally made no-preservative no-refined-materials piece of chocolate.  Having already had my bowl of uncooked-with-soy-milk oats for the day, I should go make up my alfalfa tea…

Who says you can’t be a hippie in Missouri!  Apparently we are somehow.

Though I gotta say… while I was out, I smelled burgers and fries and was about one thought wave away from going to get some!

(Update: I later remembered I had already had my alfalfa for the day.  But not the fairly-tasty-or-at-least-bearable mint or lemon and honey creations Kabyn had been making for me.  No, not that.  Oh no.  I thought I’d just dissolve a spoonful of ground alfalfa in a quarter-cup or so of lukewarm coffee and drink that.  And THAT, my friends, is what a former Seattlite hippie who spent WAAAAAAAY too long in grad school does… and yes,  it tastes as bad as it sounds, actually even worse.)

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