My Awesome Valentine

So my handsome husband just proudly displayed the giant box of wide mouth pint-ish sized canning jars he got, and explained they were for both storing leftovers in and then safely reheating in.  And eating from!  He’s so excited.  And I’ll admit, a part of me is excited to be the only person I know eating lunch from a canning jar.

He also made me a big mug of DOUBLE-DOSE alfalfa tea, since I’d missed mine the last few days.  I love that he’s putting great thought into economical and practical ways to avoid BPA and support a healthy, natural pregnancy and successful nursing (google “alfalfa tea nursing” if you’re curious). 

It should also be noted there is also a lovely vase of flowers on my desk next to my computer, and a big bar of organic espresso dark chocolate (YES I’m going to eat it all, probably somewhat quickly!!!  May I never get so hippie as to avoid such things under any circumstances whatsoever!).  This man can do it all!   Here he is, amidst cooking us yet another wonderful dinner.  I’m so spoiled!

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One Response to My Awesome Valentine

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Your husband looks so good in the kitchen. I have eaten his cooking and it’s gooood.

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