A Perfect Day with My Firstborn

Alaythia and I had a lovely day today, and so I thought I’d write it all down while I remembered it.  And so y’all can enjoy it as well, if you like.  Pictures may follow at some point, but I dare not delay lest I don’t quite get around to it for a while….

We got up around 8, enjoyed some breakfast with Kabyn, and headed off to her ballet/tap class.  I was still waking up for most of the time, but had fun watching her careful focus and concentration–notable among a class of 3 and 4 year olds.  She claims to love the class, but looks so serious during as she works so hard on following the instructions carefully!  She says she likes the tapping part best.

After class, we indulged in her post-ballet-class vending machine treat (Goldfish), and I had coffee while she ate her Goldfish and we enjoyed watching guys play basketball as we sat together and chattered over our snack.  We took our time, enjoying that we could take all the time we wanted, and then went and played in pool.  For an hour and a half!  Again, because we could.  We floated around, paddled, spun around, jumped, practice swimming, rested our feet in the hot tub (she and I are allowed equal hot tub privileges these days…), and then played around again in the pool.

Before we quite dissolved in the water, we got ready and went to the grocery store to get ourselves things for a picnic—-cheese, crackers, and strawberries.  In my indulgent, very-pregnant, enjoying-time-with-her state, I took her to the candy aisle and told her she could pick one small item for her post-picnic treat (“I should eat my healthy food first!” she said).  What did she pick?  Sugar-free gum… pink gum, of course.

We took our picnic to the newly purchased house of some friends, where other friends were gathered to help paint and work on the house.  We weren’t much use for doing remodeling work, but got to tour the new house, and be their first porch-picnickers.  It was in the low 70s, sunny, and breezy—the perfect porch picnic weather.  We could see all the beautiful trees blooming with new leaves and flowers.

After Alaythia carefully gave each person there a piece of her gum, we headed for home, energized by strawberries and cracker-cheese sandwiches (and gum…).  She was impatient to get going with the promised task of setting up Cosette’s crib, but I said we had to clean up first.  So excited big sister that she is, she took it upon herself to put away all her toys in her toy chest, help Kabyn move it, and put away all the baby shower things in my office in a tidy stack.  Then we vacuumed the house together—me with the real vacuum, her with her little pink play vacuum—and then the fun could begin!

We moved around the dressers, and she was in charge of taking out all her favorite outfits of Baby Cosette’s to put in a container to wash.  She dutifully stacked up all the ones she liked, then carried them carefully to the basement to wash (while I carried all the rest, and the blankets, and the other random laundry…).  She kept asking, “What can I do?  What can I do?  How can I help?”   And help she did!  She even begged to climb in the crib (pack’n’play, really, thanks Sarah Mutch Nielsen!!), at which point she cuddled into a ball and giggled hysterically until I finally lifted her back out.  She helped clean the crib with a wet washcloth, cleaned the carseat, and then cleaned just about anything she could get her hands on.

After lots of hard work, we needed a break, and ate popsicles (frozen leftover smoothies) on the porch, in the perfect afternoon sun.  Then I trimmed and painted her fingernails and toenails–left side bright pink, right side light pink, per the usual.  I have no idea why that’s her style but she’s very set on it.

By late afternoon she was getting tired, so we curled up on the couch and I read her the first chapter of The Princess and the Goblin (thanks for bringing, mom!).  She listened attentively through the whole big-girl chapter.

While Kabyn studied away through the evening, she and I got to go to a friends’ party, at which Alaythia was the only child present with lots of sweet young childless couples… yes, she enjoyed herself.  She sat on their kitchen counter, and was fed mini-marshmallows and the remains of a bowl of chocolate frosting (I got a few carrot slices and apples in there somewhere—-which I think got dipped in frosting, as did most of her arms and face).  We feasted on all manner of Southern party treats (I love the Northwest, but seriously, the South is the way to go for party food!  hummus just doesn’t spell fun, people….).  Having enjoyed dipping anything that could possibly be dipped into many a delicious homemade Southern-style dip, we brought Kabyn home a plate of something resembling bacon-wrapped-sausage, which cheered him greatly.  Alaythia was in such a delighted and silly mood upon arriving home that she kept kissing the car goodnight and then turning out to wave and blow kisses at it as we headed into the house.  I decided to try not to think about how dirty it might be and assume the rain last night washed in totally clean…  We then continued our laundry (are still finishing at 10.30pm), and got all the baby clothes, blankets, and such folded and sorted and stacked and ready.  She did an incredible job “sterilizing” the night-nights (pacifiers), in an extremely lengthy and water- and soap-intensive process in the bathroom…. I did ensure at the end they all got rinsed (for the 10th time or so), and drying up made for an easy mopping of the floor!

The crib is ready, and filled with a few soft pink things. And yes, you can guess who is sleeping in the top little infant insert… (not Alaythia, she’s not THAT little…): Alaythia’s babies.  They have been promised the space until a live occupant appears 🙂   She’s been a fantastic mother to her dear Shallie baby for months now, and now a few more babies (who came with clothes and everything, thanks to a recent visit from my mom!), and all her babies are carefully tucked in for the night with their pajamas, blankets, and night-nights.   After her babies were settled, we read another chapter of The Princess and the Goblin, briefly talked and prayed goodnight prayers with Kabyn, and she was quickly off to sleep after a delightful day.  Who knows how many more such days just she and I will have… but it was a great day to enjoy and remember.

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2 Responses to A Perfect Day with My Firstborn

  1. Sara Taylor says:

    I have a similar note that I wrote about a lovely day with just Judah… and it ended up being our last day just the two of us. maybe you’ll go into labor tonight. Call if you need us!

  2. Grandma Bushby says:

    I loved hearing about your day. When Cossette arives the relaxed times will be few. Tis a smart mother to get in what she can before. Thanks for sharing your day. Love to all.

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