Alaythia Sings “We Three Kings”

I started watching Christmas songs with Alaythia on YouTube in early November, so she’d had time to recognize and learn them before Christmas.  She quickly became enamored with them, and as Kabyn pointed out, it’s no wonder—Christmas songs are so much more joyful than just about any other kind of songs!  While adults can get a bit tired of the same 20 or so songs playing for a month straight, Alaythia is still singing them on occasion.  Here’s a bit I was able to catch of her singing “We Three Kings”:

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3 Responses to Alaythia Sings “We Three Kings”

  1. Papa says:

    Oh man, that’s is so wonderful! Love it. Good job Alyathia!

  2. babydiaries says:

    Rosie is the same way! Her favorite is Hark the Herald.

  3. I don’t know if you know this, but she consistently asks for Hark the Herald Angels at nap time here, which got Charlie into is, so I often sing it twice a day now! It is a fun song….

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