Cosette Joy

Indeed this is a joyful little one! We are so grateful. A joyful birth (details to come for those who want/have asked – email me if you want it once I’ve written it out), joyful first days, joyful to have gotten sleep, joyful to see what a delighted and devoted big sister Alaythia is, joyful to see what a kind and wonderful daddy to two girls Kabyn is, joyful to have such amazing community here after being here such a short time and being so far from family and longer-time friends. Praise God for His grace to us!

Brief summary:  Cosette Joy arrived 8.23pm on April 15, in the water (future swimmer?!), after 2.5 – 3 hrs of “active” labor. It was a fast and furious and amazing birth, amidst a huge thunderstorm, which made for a fittingly dramatic soundtrack for labor! We had her at home (planned) with wonderful midwives (River City Birth), incredible doula (Bethany Robbins), and some amazing and hard-working friends (Vicki Jensen and Stephene Vanden Brink).  And my unbelievable and strong, gentle husband, who the ladies all agreed later was like a rock.  We also were blessed with two photographers who are “documenting” our family from pregnancy to family of four, so a huge thanks to Kristal Yancie and Amber Duncan.  Lots of pics to come, some already on Facebook.

Little girl came at 7lbs 11oz and 20.5oz, healthy and perfect!  (For anyone still in shock or confusion about a homebirth – midwives carry all standard emergency equipment for mother and baby, just in case.  And research points to better outcomes for all in low risk out-of-hospital births w. well-trained midwives… I wont digress there farther now, but trust I put my PhD to work here 🙂

I did see an OB some throughout, and we had his “blessing” on the homebirth, with him available at a nearby hospital as backup, if needed.

It’s wonderful to be peacefully at home with a new baby, and not in a hospital.  Nothing against modern medicine when needed.  But it was such a lovely night at home – she was born early enough that we actually got a decent night sleep (and Alaythia enjoyed her first sleepover!  Thanks Garrett family!  And no, she did not attend the birth… we’re only partial hippies…)   

Monday Alaythia came home around lunchtime, and loved meeting her little sister.  Alaythia has been as sweet as can be, and helpful, bringing diapers, blankets, even my cup of water!  She’s been cheerful about Kabyn doing more things I generally did for her, and she’s surprised us with still more she can do on her own. Including some SPELLING yesterday!  She was sitting and chatting with me while shaping some of her new fancy big-sister-present craft supplies into letters, and she suddenly says, “llll, L.  Iiii, I. Pppp, P.  Lip.  L-I-P, lip!”   I was shocked and so impressed!  Apparently her getting to school an hour late yesterday didn’t hurt her brain much 🙂   I am curious to know if that was a word they were sounding out yesterday!  Either way, we are so proud of our big girl for being so sweet and smart and helpful and flexible. 

Last night we all just stayed up too late and cuddled in bed and watched good songs on youtube.  I’m so blessed to have my three hairy wonderful Vikeslands!  (Yes, Cosette has a very full head of hair!  Though a little thinner and lighter than Alaythia’s amazing lovely locks).

Nursing and sleep are going very well, which is a huge answer to prayer.  Cosette loves her sleep and is quite happy – despite her serious, often-furrowed brow!   Reminds me of the Smith genes there – we’re more fun than our faces show, we promise! 🙂

I think that’s about it for my rambles of the day, for the two of you besides family who read it all!  Hopefully not too many typos, but it was written from bed, on my phone, while this darling sweet girl slept away on top of me! (Big thanks to Keren Marzinke for having Alaythia to play so I could enjoy this precious, peaceful day!  Alaythia loves her days there!)

And no one tell Kabyn – but right now I want to have four more!

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3 Responses to Cosette Joy

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    It all sounds wonderful and so peaceful. Glad the birth went well and everyone is healthy. We were all born at home without all the nice help.
    Glad to hear all the measurements, that is always important to us ladies. Love to all

  2. christie says:

    I can’t wait to see her pictures,,, Congrats to you all.. 🙂

  3. four more! four more! =) I’ll babysit them all…..

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