Mom of Two

My first afternoon/evening with me and two kiddos on my own… grocery stop, park trip (including nursing one while pushing other on swing for a while… you do what you gotta do!), trip to Alaythia’s friend’s house (I.e. I could just sit down most of the time), home, dinner, bath, favorite songs on YouTube (books vs media… someday I hope to go back to books at night, but books are for earlier in the day when my brain is still on…), each asleep in own bed and me writing this lame post and soooo happy to be reclined in bed. Yes I just took some ibuprofen 🙂

And really, I’m in awe of women who have two kids close together (like my mom!), or three or even four kids!  Wow.  And Alay was even at preschool this morning… day was long enough for me.  Though I did read some thermodynamics this morning.  Until I fell asleep 🙂

Time for more sleep. Baby third dinner time coming soon!

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