Kabyn and Alaythia

Life isn’t just about Cosette and Mommy these days, though we have been the center of much excitement this month.  Kabyn has been absolutely amazing helping all of us females, and has been especially helpful keeping Alaythia fed, clothed, entertained, transported, and feeling loved.  Kabyn and Alaythia are enjoying lots of special time together, which has been sweet to watch.  She seems perfectly happy to have him doing whatever needs doing for her, and they have had lots of silly times of laughing, singing, playing, cooking, and snuggling together.  They had more time than they generally do the last few months, as I got tireder and more pregnant, and also needed to wrap up some pressing work things.  Here’s a little photo shoot of them from February, when they went to a daddy-daughter “Queen Esther dinner night” at our church.


Who’s THIS guy?


Maybe I like him…Image

Actually he’s funny!Image


Maybe he needs better accessories.





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One Response to Kabyn and Alaythia

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Kabyn, you are such a good daddy. Bless you and it helps to have a sweet daughter to love.

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