Three Weeks Old

Cosette is nearly three weeks old, and it seems time has flown.  She also seems older somehow to us – likely because she’s just very mature for her “age”.  She has a fairly consistent daily schedule for herself, only wakes up about twice a night these days, is awake for two hours at a time during the day, then sometimes takes 3-4 hr daily naps, with maybe just a brief sleeping-snack in the middle!  She loves to eat and sleep.  She also suddenly looks very tall to us – certainly much taller than big sis was at this age.  Alaythia spent months in newborn size, but this girl is fine in 0-3 months.  Not that a girl needs clothes when the days are in the high 90s!  Poor thing has had some skin issues which are certainly not helped by the heat, but overall she is doing great.  Alaythia still says she loves being a big sister, and we love our two girls.

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