Song and Dance

I love how artistic and creative Alaythia is.  I’m not, so I enjoy being inspired by her and learning new things from her!  I love that she gets art and singing lessons at her school, and even free ballet classes at Kabyn’s school.

Here she is dancing to her new favorite song (she dances to it each evening–and once upon a time, remembered the exact words of the song AND what the cover slide looked like on youtube so I could find it!)


Here she is accompanying Kabyn’s singing with her piano planning (thanks to my mom for the piano gift, and to Kabyn’s mom for the piano talent genetics!).  If you’re wondering why Kabyn is, ah, scantily clad, you need to know it’s been in the upper 90s here recently:


And here she and Charlie are in their big dress rehearsal for their ballet recital.  Recital takes place later today; pics and videos of that to come soon.

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