Ballet Star

You may be thinking this post will be about Alaythia.  Partially.  Or perhaps you’re astute enough to realize that actually an energetic, athletic, impulsive, curly blonde haired boy (who is graciously willing to be the one boy amidst ~40 little girls in the ballet classes) in a ballet recital is likely a show-stopper.  True, and Charlie is most definitely currently a star in the world of Covenant Seminary.

However, the featured star here is Mama Keren (known to most as simply Keren Marzinke).  She faithfully, patiently, cheerfully hauled THREE children, in the back of a compact Honda, to ballet class (free to children of students at Kabyn’s school!) every Wednesday afternoon all year long–and this timing generally meant three naps got interrupted on one side or another, kids must be dressed in a certain way, and said three children had to be fed, pottied, and even on time.  Which she did, week after week after week.  The occasional week Alaythia wasn’t at the Marzinkes on a Wednesday I couldn’t even manage to get my ONE child out to ballet practice!

As if that wasn’t above and beyond, check out Keren’s careful work on Alaythia’s recital hairstyle (and not to worry, she didn’t neglect Charlie’s hair, it was just, ah, a bit simpler to get ready…)

And a few pictures of the dancing duo (and, of course, their tiniest fan):

But don’t worry–I wouldn’t write all this and not let you enjoy the video!  Here you go!


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3 Responses to Ballet Star

  1. Thanks, Alyssa! =) Having Alaythia here is always a treat.

  2. Papa says:

    A delightful post. Thank you Karen.

  3. mrsmarc says:

    Mama Keren is awesome! The children are rediculously cute.

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