Elijah and Alaythia

Elijah is here to play this afternoon, and like Alaythia, he has stellar verbal skills, a huge imagination, and a great sense of humor.  So I figured I better start a post quick to document any great moments.

So far, I’ve set up sheet-tents in the living room, and they have declared there are spiders in them (not true). Alaythia said she’d get them, to which Elijah said, “Alaythia, you’re the savior!”  Then she said, “I’m brave of spiders, Elijah, but you’re brave of Spiderman. I’m scared of Spiderman and monsters. You’re the savior when spiderman comes, Elijah!”  I let any theology go, especially once as they entered the empty tents and declared they were indeed empty, “except for God.”  Good point, seminarians’ children.  Not sure I would have realized that one myself!

Then Alaythia decided it was time to play with purses and do hair, and Elijah cheerfully packed up the purse she assigned him and got a ponytail (with blue sparkly decor) put atop his head. He wore it with manly Samurai pride.

Then it was tea party snack time, during which they apparently decided their muffins were full of bugs (what’s the bug thing today?!). 
They squealed and laughed in strangely similar voices, then Elijah decided the top of the tea pot was his gun.  He started shooting at Alaythia, until she folded her arms and announced, “Elijah, come inside. We need to have a talk about something.”  He quickly complied to her wishes for A Talk About Us, looking slightly penitent. I didn’t hear what transpired, but all seemed well after.

Elijah seems to be enjoying a novel set of toys : the strange new world of Girl Toys.  He raved about the beauty of the tiny Aurora doll (did we just ruin his view of women?), and begged me to read them Cinderella.

Then we started finger painting. Outside, mind you! Most kids would have just gone crazy, but they discussed primary colors, tattoos (which they did paint on themselves, trying to make different color tattoos out of different colors of paint… sorry, no pictures, as they were minimally attired at this point…), and then each worked on mixing paint colors to their liking – on their chests and arms.  Alaythia worked on a fuschia purple and Elijah an army-type green. Don’t worry, Seattlites, I don’t think he was intentionally painting army fatigues onto himself.

At one point they were so happy I just sat and read (and blogged!). What great kids! The two are about the easiest pair of three year olds imaginable. And I got to hang out with them! I love maternity leave!

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