Three and Two-Thirds

One is three and two-thirds years, one three and two-thirds weeks!  I thought I’d give a little update on each.

Note: sorry, I started this post when this statement was true, and only just now got a chance to finish!

Alaythia is more creative and imaginative with each passing day.  Since Cosette came, she’s had exclusive ownership of our fairly long living room window seat, and it has become her improvised art and craft table.  Somehow that’s still not quite enough space for all her papers, crayons, and other various art supplies, as she’s constantly coming up with a new idea of something to make, draw, or design.  Lately she’s into making cards and drawing real things–inspired by the drawings of famous paintings they do at her school.  Yesterday she brought home her version of “The Boating Party” by Mary Cassatt (sorry, no picture yet).  I think the cards may be inspired by all the cards her Sunday school class made for baby Cosette!  How darling are these?!  Thanks to all the kids who made one!

Alaythia is also working to sound out words, identify first letters in words, and identify words she recognizes when she sees them (she can identify STOP and NO anywhere!).

Alaythia is loving being a big sister, and is very attentive to the cries of Cosette (which, thankfully, aren’t real frequent).  She’s also extremely proud of having a sister to introduce.  People of course always comment on Cosette’s hair, and so I often mention Alaythia had even more–and if I forget to mention this, Alaythia (correctly!) always lets them know!

Big sister has grown up in other ways recently, as well.  She rarely naps any more (except when in the peaceful land of Marzinke for the day!), and I’ve tried to take her out on a number of little mommy-Alaythia dates: to the beloved gelato shop, to our favorite grocery store, or just sitting on the couch reading.  She’s old enough and mature enough that we can sit and talk and just enjoy a nice conversation together.

Alaythia loves to dance, sing, cook, paint, and read books together. She loves being with people and going places, but also enjoys having some time each day to do those things on her own. She’s very curious, and loves to walk through the park and have the time to stop and investigate things that catch her interest, draw in the dirt, observe plants, or walk on an interesting path. Things I have more time to do during maternity leave, and am hoping to find focused, albeit less unfortunately, time to do once I start working again.

All in all, Alaythia is a delight to have as a daughter, and I think will be a delight for Cosette to have as a big sister!

Cosette is busy doing what one-month-olds do… sleep, eat, use diaper, study her world a bit, then sleep some more. She’s healthy, happy, and we are enjoying seeing her get a little more interested in the world with each passing day. But there’s no doubt about what’s most interesting to her: Alaythia! Many people have let me know I should expect that her first word will be some version of “Alaythia”, lest I be surprised. If Alaythia is around, Cosette is trying to look at her. And the opposite is often true, too—though Alaythia obviously has many things that interest her at present, she always checks on Cosette when she enters a room.

That’s the update on our girls!

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