Cosette at Five Weeks

Five weeks already!  And our little one is getting big – I think it’s official, she’ll be taller than Alaythia someday.  As I waited in dread of the day Michelle passed me up, I think Alaythia will be waiting.  The irony is how much Cosette looks like Kabyn – more than Alaythia did, if that even seems possible – but Cosette clearly has some dominant Smith DNA.  She can’t fit any newborn clothes now, and some 3 month tops may be too short in a few weeks!  Which means that Cosette actually isn’t even wearing Alaythia’s clothes, since A was born in September in Seattle!  Thankfully I found a stack of 3 and 6 month summer outfits at the Covenant Seminary free store!  Otherwise I think I’d be a bit annoyed to have had to buy any more little girl baby clothes.  Hopefully Cosette catches up the five month difference in size/season soon…

Today, Cosette had a great moment we’d all much awaited – she found her fingers!  She’s been wanting them badly, and I think once she masters them she’ll be hooked.  More taking after Kabyn, I hear (he’s over the fingers now…).

Cosette is also a talker!  She’s nearly constantly making cute little squeaks and grunts and snorts, and she seems content to kind of “talk” rather than cry unless she’s REALLY upset, but that’s rare and only for very pressing issues of need. Or the occasional way-too-hot day in the car… Northwesterners, any envy of our sunshine can cease, we’ve had several weeks with days tipping into the 90s now, and this next week is supposed to have some days that I officially call WICKED HOT.  Cosette is not a fan of the heat either. She bravely endured 90-something days at the zoo and the Botanical Gardens this week, but she’s happy to return to air conditioning at home and take a nice cool diaper-only nap.

Well Alaythia needs some attention now, so I’m off!  Time to hang out with the big sis.  Alaythia quote of the week I’ll leave you with: “Mommy, do you know how baby tigers are made?” Me, not sure how to answer and mentally scrambling through parenting books and blogs: “ummm… how, honey?”  Alaythia, confidently, “God stirs them together in their mother’s bellies. Yep, God stirs them up!”

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