Ode for the Little Siblings, by Cosette

Dedicated to Auntie M, the best ever little sibling!  Who I look a bit like, I hear.

Hello all my fellow little siblings!  This post is for the little one
Who has to nap or stay at home
When big one is having fun

Except when it’s time for anything
Big sibling has to do
Then we get rudely awakened and hauled
Out of our comfy beds too

We do amazing stunts
But no one is impressed
They’ve seen it all before
(But we know we do it best!)

Our clothes aren’t new
Our toys aren’t ours
We don’t get a brandnew seat
For riding in the cars

But even though we’ll never
Be the oldest of all
Just give us a few years and
We may just be the most tall!

And despite our oppressed lives
As always being the little one
We think our big sibs are always
The very best source of fun!

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2 Responses to Ode for the Little Siblings, by Cosette

  1. Dixie Jones says:

    My gosh, is there anything you aren’t good at?? Now your a poet, I’m waiting for the next episode, that was beautiful, you are VERY talented!!

  2. Bibi says:

    That was very good! I thoroughly enjoyed your reflections from a new life perspective.

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