Preparing for Summer #3

When I first arrived in St Louis, it was June 2. It was also the hottest place I’d ever been – including Mali, San Bernadino, and a summer in Chicago.  It was just a whole new kind of hot – steamy, sticky, and in the city streets it just felt smothering.

We ended up having some fun often, but it was always appallingly hot.  I did come to realize things like ice cream, fountains,  and outdoor swimming pools are way more fun in a hot summer.

Summer #2 was better – it didn’t seem as bad, but perhaps that was because we wised up and headed North in July!  And had a great time on a lake with my parents.  Coming back here it was hot. Hot hot. Like 108 hot on our anniversary September 1 hot!  And I was nauseated and pregnant, so that heat was extra special.

But come summer 3, I’m not new to it and I’m not pregnant.  I am wiser, however, and am trying to prepare myself amidst vague feelings of fear and trembling of what weather will come.  And I’ve decided its all a mental game – and the first step is knowing what is NOT summer.  I know this because two years ago, I was in a coffee shop and I heard two women talking about “when its summer…”  I about passed out when I realized they were saying that 100 deg humid day had no part in the St Louis summer!

So without further ado, It’ Not Summer if…

It’s not consistently in the mid 90s and humid

You’re not soaked with sweat after a few minutes walking outside

The swimming pools aren’t open yet

Popsicles don’t melt all over as you eat them – even if you’re inside

Your AC can get your home within two degrees of where you set it

You dont yet opt for shorts over skirts to minimize how much sweat is dripping past your knees

Your children and husband still wear shirts in the house

Your baby occasionally wears more than a diaper

But also… If there’s not yet tons of fun things to do in the St Louis summer!

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One Response to Preparing for Summer #3

  1. Dixie Jones says:

    I had no idea it was that hot there. It just sounds unbearable! How many more “years” do you have to live there??

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