Two Months

Cosette is two months today!  And we couldn’t love her more.  She’s sweet and loves to “talk” with us (video coming soon!).  I’ve never heard such a chatty baby.  She also still loves to sleep and eat and sleep some more – sometimes only up once a night!  She’s strong, too – already trying to swat at toys, and stares intensely, trying to figure them out.  She’s quite the extrovert – sometimes she’ll cry until you look at her and talk with her.  Alaythia at that age was great at playing alone for a while on her toy mat, which helped me get a dissertation done, but Cosette is not very interested in supporting my work habits (e except through her frequent naps).  Love this girl!




And her sister!


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One Response to Two Months

  1. Dixie Jones says:

    Cosette looks very serious in the pic with her Dad. Must be trying to figure out how the camera works. ha ha! Sure didn’t take the package long to get there, only three days!

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