Big Questions from Alaythia

Like most 3-4 year olds, Alaythia is full of questions.  This week’s questions have been especially big:

~As I’m trying to haul the two girls, all their stuff, a carseat, a fancy baptism outfit I don’t want to get messed up, and a thing of cookies to church on a day that was already way too hot, “Mommy, what’s “grace” mean?”  That’ll stop you in your hot sweaty tracks!

~As I’m getting set up for work at my desk one morning, in she walks with a earnest, curious expression on her face: “Mommy, why do you have to drink so much coffee?”  That’s a good question, kiddo, a mighty good question.  And the answer has something to do with you…

~Her most recent series of questions has been very exciting for me.  They pop up at any moment, and go something like this: “What’s 2 and 2?”  or “What’s 3 and 2?”  or even ‘What’s 10 and 5 and 6?”  or today, “What is 4 2s?”   I’m so happy.

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