Ironbaby — Real Life Edit

I recently had a conversation where a friend made some good points about Facebook and blogging — that it can discourage others when people only post the “bright and happy” versions of their life.  There are certainly reasons why to not post your deepest pains and frustrations in such forums, but I could see how ONLY posting the prettied-up version of the story could lead to unintended pain for others. (Though I do really appreciate and enjoy the candid and honest mommy-ing and mommy-blogging of Bethany Robbins, Elisabeth Haggard, Keren Marzinke, Amy Peterson, and a number of women I don’t actually know but whose writing is encouraging, amusing, and helpful.  And I won’t claim to have the writing prowess or creativity of any of them.

But in the spirit of sharing the REAL story and not a prettied-up version, let me re-tell my post from yesterday on Cosette the Ironbaby. Originally it was just a quick little glowy-motherhood story about my amazing baby.  BUT here is the REAL story:

Like most mothers of small children can find themselves, it was past 9 am, I was still in my pajamas and already sweating in the July heat (despite the A/C).  And no, my PJ top and bottoms did not match.  I had to use the bathroom, but again, as per what really happens when you have small kids, I had to take at least one kiddo with me.  So I brought Cosette in, laid her on the bathroom rug (which desperately needs to be cleaned), began to do what needed doing.

She turned her head to the side, and spit up all over the already-dirty bathroom rug.  I was in no position to clean it up, and a few moments later, after she wriggled herself around and got her beautiful hair covered in spit-up, she somehow managed to roll herself over and plop her face in the sticky spit-up-dirty-rug concoction.  I was of course still delighted and proud of her, so I yelled out, “Cosette just rolled over!”  Which led Alaythia to come running in.  Not sure how I didn’t anticipate that event.

I did politely ask Alaythia to please wait a moment before coming back in, and eventually I got Cosette and the rug cleaned up.  And I’m happy to say that I was even out of my pajamas by 11.30am.

And that, my friends, is the REST of the story… 🙂

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