Week in the Sooooouth

In the last week, we were in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia.  We had a great time, and our girlies are amazing travelers!  Granted its been slow going and no one has slept as much as they should, but we made it! 

We got to spend time with Kabyn’s mom Mae, and she did an amazing job taking care of Alaythia while we were at a conference for a few days.  Cosette was an angel about living in an Ergo for three days (most indispensable baby item ever!!!).  And we got to see Aunt Sherry and Uncle Austen!  Note: should you ever visit them, be ready to be awoken by music literally shaking your bed early in the morning!  Alaythia could manage to sweetly get up without waking her parents, but her uncle needed a little more attention …

But he did buy Downton Abbey season 2 for me – which I watched all of within a 24 hour period! – so he’s forgiven. 🙂

We also discovered that the South can be quite lovely!  The weather and scenery were both quite spectacular. And it was so great to see family we rarely see!  I think the most humorous point of the trip was when TWO people asked if Mae was my mom!  Or watching talk to Sherry’s kitties, fully expecting complete understanding (and obedience! ).


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