Little Travelers

Our kiddos have been troopers, spending four full days and two half days on the road in 9 total days!


Alaythia has been happy, patient with some Cosette fussfests, and busy: stickers, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, paper dolls, mess free marker kits, bracelet making supplies, and her favorite stuffed animals and doll have kept her quite content.


Cosy Posy has had her days of traveling well and her days of traveling not so well.  On the not so well days we just stop every hour or so and drive as fast as we dare between stops!  Sitting in the backseat facing her seems to help her little extrovert self endure the carseat when she’s awake.

I will say this trip has helped me appreciate good fast food!  Who needs to add time to an already way too long trip with some authentic fancy hip meal.  Cracker Barrel was authentic enough for our Northwest selves!  And turns out Taco Bell and Wendy’s have some good salads these days.  And let us not overlook a good gas station… when everyone is tired, hungry, thirsty, and needs a potty, your best friend is a gas station that doesn’t feel like a soon to be crime scene with a petri dish for a toilet. 

And if you’re ever roadtripping down South, know this: it’s surprisingly beautiful!  I think I’m rather going to miss the lush landscape of Georgia and the rolling hills of Tennessee.

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