Lessons Learned on a Road Trip to the South with Little Ones

We had a great trip last week, and learned a lot.

Some of those lessons I would hate to forget. So as to preserve the memory of the trip, I thought I’d document the lessons here:

-if one person in marriage likes order and plans and the other is good with improving, the order-lover should navigate and the other drive. If you reverse that, it will lead to bickering and U-turns at an unbelievably high rate.

-a Sierra Mist shared in a hotel lobby after two kids and a mother in law fall asleep in your room is actually a very romantic date.

-there are way too many obnoxiously huge black trucks with military bumper stickers in Columbus, GA.  It’s like part of the uniform or something.

-despite claims to hate it, Downton Abbey can totally suck in men’s men in their 20s or 30s.

-people don’t look in other people’s windows in gas station parking lots.  So if you nurse in about 15 of them, no worries.

-don’t underestimate the power of a lollipop.

-tap water in St Louis really does taste incredible. Beware water in other parts of the South.

-dont be surprised if you get served iced tea and no water at meals.

-sweet tea is sugar with a little tea.  And its incredible.

-dont leave a diaper in a car for a day.  Especially in 95 degree weather.  Just don’t do it….

-people who get lucky in Kentucky are traveling without children.

-the toy from a Wendy’s kid meal is good for about 30 minutes of happiness in the car.

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