24 with 4, part 2

Part 1 ended in late afternoon… next was dinner.  Popcorn, chicken fingers, and ice cream!  Ha!  They’ll want us back all the time 🙂   there were a couple peas consumed as well, along with some Olympic closing day consumption.


Oh did I mention the ice cream was a picnic blanket princess party?


Then the three and a half hour bedtime parade began… for some reason doing one kid at a time seemed easiest, though with two very young it was somewhat necessary.  If we had to do it every night, I think I’d go for less flair and more efficiency, tears if necessary!

Some bedtime reading:


By 9.45pm the final kiddo, Alaythia – and us! – jumped in bed.  It was nice to enjoy some time just with her before sleep… I could see how the oldest and/or lowest maintenance kiddos could get overlooked in such situations.  The squeaky kid does get the oil!

Then the night began… yes, we were apprehensive… the following gold medals were given in the morning:

Longest sleep:  Wendy, easily.  13 hrs in bed!

Shortest sleep: Alaythia. No surprise there. But at least she was cheerful!

Sleep through the night award:  ummm, no one. Thanks, Midwest thunderstorms.  Alaythia actually came the closest with just one half-awake potty trip.

Earliest wakeup: Cosette.  Seriously, 5.45am?

Most singing in bed:  Charlie.  Oh my goodness I had no idea any kid could sing in bed for an hour+ without talking, getting up, or crying.  Though we did have to ask him to be quiet a few times, though I felt bad making such a request.

In the morning, I learned about super heroes with Alay and Cosy while the Marzinke kids slept in peacefully.


And I do kind of recommend staggered wakeup times and breakfasts.  Very peaceful and pretty easy, and really, I’m fine with more quiet than community when I’m half asleep!  The kids complied beautifully and we got a gradual morning that took about 3 more hours, but let us have calm, showers, and plenty of coffee.

Then came divide and conquer time – big kids to the park with Kabyn, little girls sleep/eat/play/poop with me 🙂


I even got a little studying in!  And once again, i got to enjoy an hourish of Marzinke kid singing in bed, though this time Wendy.  Musical people have musical kids, i guess!  And Cosy and Wendy were absolutely delighted with each other, which was cute.  Just have to keep them from touching each other…!

Sorry, no pics at the park… though I hear they had a great time and played to their hearts’ content. And could these two ever not have fun together?


Here’s their tired faces after a long full morning of play:


All in all it was lots of fun.  We agreed it was quite easy, as long as there were two adults, who didn’t need sleep, food, to go to work, or to have adult conversation!

And now both Vikesland girls have been sleeping soundly at home for 2.5 hrs and counting. This bodes very well for them sleeping well over the next year! (Have I mentioned the Marzinkes are moving into the apartment downstairs from us? Bring on the fun!)

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