Back to School and Earthworms

Alaythia has now had two school days, which seem to be a great success. The main thing I’ve heard about is some earthworms they are learning about (and observing/growing!) in science/nature study.

Kabyn and I both start classes tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get to study any earthworms. Though Kabyn will be learning something about the designer of the earthworms and what purposes the Creator has in mind for us before we rest amidst the earthworms. I may be thinking and teaching about the fundamental rules of matter and energy, which apply equally to earthworms and humans. And in fact, earthworms play a fantastic role in ensuring efficient energy conservation.

Cosette will be taking Learning to be a Toddler lessons from Wendy Marzinke, which at this point have her already able to manuever in an earthworm-like fashion across a floor! At barely over 4 months! Time to bring in some serious childproofing… it was pretty nice to have Alaythia speaking and understanding complete sentences by the time she walked. I don’t think we’re going to get that privilege this time. Cosette is just ALL IN in life… she gets excited about every new person to meet, toy to reach for, challenge to face, or food to taste. I do love her cheerful exuberance — just hoping we’ve got the energy to keep up with her!

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