Living in Limbo

When you are a working mother, you are constantly in limbo.  How to do well with your children and be responsible and work with integrity?  How to avoid forever being plagued with the guilt of doing one or the other poorly?

Really, I’ve been very blessed to have incredibly flexible, mostly enjoyable, sufficiently paying work that I can often do from home.  Hardly anyone gets that, especially as you think in a more global way.  I’m incredibly fortunate. 

But in talking with two other similarly blessed/in limbo woman today, I realized there is a certain kind of stress and wondering that is especially common to those of us who “have it all”.

This evening at dinner, Alaythia gave her latest update on what she wants her life to be someday: “I want to have two girls and two boys. And work some days and be home some days – like you, Mommy.”  And while there are more important considerations than the opinions of an almost four year old, I think it says a lot that she wants her life to be like mine.

For today, that appeases any worries.

And I think Alaythia should perhaps marry a fairly wealthy man.  Fathers of interested young boys can talk to Kabyn.

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