Early Morning with Cosy

Like many parents of young ones, I get some special early morning bonding time.  Cosy gets to crawl around, suck on all her toys, and get mommy attention without being in the shadow of big sis (who gets up at the much later hour of 6:30 am or so).

My silly sweet baby is quite the little adventurer.  Not really knowing fully how to crawl doesn’t stop her from diving forward and dragging herself across the room.  Up, dive, crash, repeat!  I’d get more pictures but she’s always on the move.

Cosy loves to explore, and she loves making new friends.  She loves to stare at new people, trying to figure out what makes them tick.  She also enjoys her time with daddy, and finally has fully gotten the hang of her bottle – and prefers to do it herself!  She eats lots of carrots, peas, and squash with daddy too, and occasionally gets to go on a nice walk to pick up big sister from school. The perfect outing on a bright crisp fall day.

Cos has always been pretty serious about things, though very happy, but she is starting to be a little more giggly, which is fun.  She loves to read books with me and big sister, or really do just about anything big sis is up to!



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