Once upon a time, Alaythia wanted to do my hair. She started filling my hair with barrettes, then made them talk to each other, assigning them each names of people in her class, moving them around, of course, in the process.


My mom sent on another retelling of some of Alaythia’s recent storytelling (some pictures after, though not sure all pictures in all versions survived… it’s a continual frenzy of colored, written, scribbled, cut, glued, etc paper around here!):

“She made up 2 stories and illustrated them while telling them. It was actually quite amazing. First she told us the story of the “Lost Voice”. When we asked who had lost their voice, she immediately replied, “Great-great”. Now she could have been fooling around with us and really knew it was Babu, or she could have been thinking really deeply about death and how we’ll lose the “voice” of great-great in our lives soon. Not sure with that girl.

The second story was of a little girl named Alaythia, whom she drew, and then of her mommy, who she drew much taller than the little girl, in a green dress, which needed some pink on it, of course, so she drew a pink sash. And the mommy had tangled hair (at which point she scribbled intensely mommy’s hair on her). They were wonderful drawings but how amazing that she could use both left and right brain at the same time to illustrate her stories while she told us tales of this little girl and her mommy.

But my favorite drawing of the day was her apple seeds that grew into an apple tree, with both red and green apples on it – a true Washingtonian girl who knows her apple varieties. ”




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