Sister Playtime

It’s fun seeing the girls play together more and more.





This evening Cos – very proudly – crawled into the space between all the bedrooms, then spent a while switching directions back and forth.  She was very undecided about whether to join my exciting laundry folding venture in the bedroom, or follow Alaythia into her room. Guess who won out?



I’m glad at least she took a few moments to weigh the decision.  I think that’s about all I could ask.

Once in the bedroom, Cos had to get measured.


Yeah, it’s really no fun to spend a long time getting your waist measured.  Time for books together, then baby bedtime while big sis gets to read some more.

Upon returning to Alaythia, I saw what is not uncommon for the second bedtime round:


She may be the big sister, but she’ll still always be my baby.

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