Pointillism and Sunshine

Today was the first of a strange pair of 70ish degree January days.  Strange as in yesterday morning people were slipping all over on perilous amounts of ice.

But today was spectacular!  I was so grateful to be home from work in time to enjoy it.






Yes, Alaythia is in shorts and I’m in a tank top!  It wasn’t easy to locate one summer item each early on a monday morning.  And yes, we saw a guy on stilts.

We also ran into tons of friends at the park, including the midwife who delivered Cos and Alaythia’s teacher.  The latter confessed to me she’d had a very proud moment recently when Alaythia’s class and another class had a field trip to the art museum.  The docent leading their group stopped at one point to ask if any kids had questions.  Tiny sweet Alaythia in her fancy museum dress piped up, “Do you have any pointillist paintings?  Especially any by Syrah?”  A surprised docent said they certainly did.

Apparently all our family trips to the art museum lately have been inspiring, as have the great art lessons she gets at school!

Here she is at the museum with her friend Michael, who came with us one day and is also a part of her class at school.


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One Response to Pointillism and Sunshine

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Great pictures., I can’t begin to tell how much I enjoy them. I have never seen a man on stilts, only in pictures. My backside and the ice met very hard Sat. Have a great black and blue right cheek. Some what better this morning.

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