Peaceful Morning

I feel like I rarely put many words on here any more – but between two quickly growing little girls, a job, a husband, and some spectacular weather, I’m happy to stick a few pics up on my phone most days.

But, today is a quiet one – a chance to rest at home while Cosette naps and Kabyn and Alaythia go to church.  Lay loves church more than anywhere, and sometimes we just take turns going and having quiet peaceful time (or a nap…).  It’s that dreaded must-have-morning-nap but can’t-fall-asleep-anywhere-but-crib phase for Cosi Posey.  Last time it felt stifling, but with the second you know to just find a way to enjoy it, as this too will pass, quite quickly really.

I love having a one year old – it’s so amazing living with someone who learns SO MUCH every single day.  Cos loves adventure and challenge (climbing up a slide unassisted, for instance!), a good joke (meaning anything anyone else is laughing at), or a good party (the girl is a serious extrovert, as in she makes me feel introverted some days).  Poor Cos busted out her two top front teeth this week, and she is currently addicted to ice chips and baby tylenol.  Yes I tried all the natural stuff, but when this girl gets teeth she IS TEETHING.  As in throw her face done on the floor and bite the carpet teething.  Something tells me despite big sis never throwing a tantrum, we could have those in our future in the rockier toddler moments.

Cos is really a quick learner, though, about things to not touch and such.  She still loves to clap enthusiastically at herself for obeying.  Not that she doesn’t throw down her arms and scream after obeying sometimes, but either way we admire her spirit – whether it’s in the celebrating that she triumphed or the pain of needing to deny her desires. 

And though she’s intensely emotional and very present in whatever is happening, we do on occasion find her immersed in a book.


More often we find ourselves having board books shoved at us pleadingly.  Be aware there are crushingly disappointed tears if you deny or even delay this request.  If you do pick up the book, sit her on your lap, and open the book, you’ll likely be rewarded with squeals of delight before you even begin.  Similar experience for nursing, just in case you’re curious.  Can lead to people muffling laughter in public, and a vague thought I might be on my way to Being Mom Enough…

But thankfully in the book situation we have an assistant – the blossoming reader big sister!  Alaythia non-chalantly reads most 1-2 syllable words these days, often to others’ and even our surprise!  Cos’s books are perfect for her to practice on and gain confidence, as she works on more complex books with us periodically.

Alaythia’s math reasoning skills are also quite impressive.  Her rote counting goes to 59 most days – leading to some humorous and slow games of hide and go seek with Charlie!

Alaythia has her trying moments, like any four year old, but most times she is sweet, thoughtful (I might get more I Love You Mommy cards than any mother, ever.  I am blessed!), inquisitive (“Will I see Jesus someday with my own eyes? I mean my own REAL eyes, not my heart eyes.”), loving (“Cosette, you are my best friend and best sister!” This morning, with a huge hug to a tiny adoring person), social (if you think toddlers are difficult, you’ve clearly never had anything older than that – helping a 4.5 year old learn to navigate relationships assures me it only gets harder!  But also more rewarding, perhaps), confident (“Daddy, just open a can of beans for me.  Remember, I don’t eat meat.”), artistic


fashionable (“I don’t like pants that are too [loose, tight, short, long], they don’t look right.”), sweet (“Daddy, you’re the best cooker in the whole world,” whispered to him this morning), earnest (last week, I told her she could stay at home one morning since her grandparents were visiting; she exclaimed, “No Mommy I don’t want to, I love learning new things!”), and appreciative of nature (“Mommy slow down!  I’m looking for sleeping owls in the trees!”  Yesterday in the park.).

I love my girls and am honored to raise them with my amazing husband.   Have I mentioned he graduated from seminary?!  Facebook has pictures, thanks to Marc Fulmer.  After nearly five years of endless study, writing papers, translating, and some serious soul-searching and anguished prayer, I’m now married to Kabyn Vikesland, M.Div.!

If you’re curious what he’s doing now, he’ll be working with youth in the city here in St Louis.  He’s really enjoyed volunteering with Young Life while we’ve been here, and we are blessed with great community, school for Alaythia, and job for me here.  How long will we stay?  Only God knows that one.  But where else could you have this – for free!


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One Response to Peaceful Morning

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    I love your delightful family. The girls are adorable and so enlightened. You are doing a great job with them.
    Grandma Ruth

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