Short Update

Just a short update of a few things… as of course this stuff all gets forgotten way sooner than one might think!

Cosette was 30.5″ tall, 20.0 lbs, and 19.5″ head circumference a week or two ago at her appt.  She’s finally in 18 month footies so I’m feeling better that she won’t be Mae’s height when she’s an adult 🙂   She’s a champion swimmer — loves to just walk off the edge of an in-water toddler-standing step and paddle underwater and wait for you to save her from drowning!  If we throw a ball for her and Alaythia to “race” to, she does all she can to figure out how to get there as fast as possible (while we hold her).  I think if we keep at that the next 9 days (can you believe it, summer and pool is almost over!!! sad!) and then again in winter she’ll swim maybe next summer.  Alaythia can propel herself along the surface 6 feet or so, till she stops to stand up and breathe.  But she’s gettting there!  Her arms even come above water a little bit recently.

Cos STILL isn’t talking, but we’re realizing she has some impressive leadership skills — she and Alaythia play this game where they do a silly thing (different nearly every time…), then throw their heads onto a pillow and laugh.  It’s a step up from simply throwing themselves onto pillows, which they did a few months ago.  The interesting thing is it always ends up Alaythia copying Cosette — not vice versa.  Cosette has an uncanny ability to get people to copy her and do what she wants, without having to get pushy or upset.  She is extremely good at answering questions with a slow, deliberate nod or shake of the head.  It’s very cute, and quite helpful for a non-talker to at least be able to clearly answer questions relating to her.  She does imitate sounds a bit, but to say it’s talking is still a stretch.
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One Response to Short Update

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us up-dated on the girls activities. I love to hear what they are doing and silly little games only they can play. Grandma Ruth

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