On Teaching and Parenting

I must be very firm

I must be very gentle

I am not your enemy

I am not your friend

I know you want to learn

You want to grow

But sometimes, you forget that

I remind you

I could tell you everything

But you still might not know

Leading, encouraging, challenging

Is much harder

You want to do well

I want you to succeed

But to do that you must fail


Be confused



Realize your inadequacy

Ask questions

Try things

Let me help

But I can’t do it for you

And I can’t tell you how to do it

I make mistakes


And you know it

I could try and hide them

Pretend it doesn’t matter

Make an excuse

Rush past it

Or I could be honest

Let you see I fail too

Admit my inadequacy

Work towards an answer

Then try again the next day

Knowing I’ll fail

Over and over

We’ll keep going, you and I

You not knowing what you’re doing

Me helping you

But not knowing what I’m doing

Me asking for help

We could hide and never admit failure

We could only do what we know

Or we could keep trying

And keep failing

And admitting

And learning

And growing



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One Response to On Teaching and Parenting

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    I hve never heard it put so well. Love You.

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