Happy 1 1/2 Years, Cosette!

Hard to believe she’s halfway to three! Our little darling continues to be a sweet delight. And occasionally, a tiny handful. She loves to throw her arms around our neck with a hug, giggle with Alaythia, and still gleefully applauds her own accomplishments. She can and will follow a series of instructions, but is just starting to attempt to say words. She’s always attentively studying her world but just hasn’t said her thoughts on it yet. Not that she has any trouble communicating! Her ability to make requests, comment, or ask questions without speech is quite impressive. Nonetheless, we are excited when she makes sounds–we can’t wait to hear her talk!!

She’s quite busy climbing and running though – she can adeptly maneuver a playground for children much older than herself, is working on potty skills (really she’s ready, we just don’t have the energy!), and squeals with delight at a chance to try a tricycle.

Love you cutie!





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