Five Year Old

Ah five year olds… so many things that are [fortunately or unfortunately] completely normal.  They’re all such quirky creatures these five year olds.  They also know everything, (just in case you didn’t know everything and didn’t know that).

I think five is like the puberty to the school years — not a little toddler or preschooler any longer, and transitioning into being their own genuine grown up child.  They’re smart, quick, full of delightful questions and ideas, and have discovered their own mind–which they intend to speak!  If they’re upset they are MAD, if they’re excited they’re bordering on insanity, if they’re happy and rested and well-fed they’re some of the most delightful company on the planet.  They’re just a lot, these five year olds—and no one warns you about five!  One, two, three, even four came with its warnings of travail and triumph, but I think perhaps it’s five people should be talking about.

BUT given that all five year olds I’ve talked to lately (and there has been quite a few of them) are all a bit crazy in their own way, I’m very thankful for this little crazy delightful five year old!  We are crazy about her sometimes-crazy self.  And sometimes we are crazy parents, and sometimes we just go crazy because we have no idea what we’re doing!  We are enjoying (most days…) being stretched in new ways as we navigate the Feisty Fives. (and anyone who things the Terrible Twos exist has obviously not yet had a child turn three….).

[Photo credits to Molly Thomas Photography,]

2013-10-18 20.15.48 2013-10-18 20.40.04-2

2013-10-18 20.16.20

Quote of the day from the five year old was provided after she pulled out all of her pajamas, in search of a certain pajama bottom.  I said, “Okay, now you need to put them all back in the drawer.”  She said, “Sure, Mom!”  I start to walk away, and hear her voice again, more quietly this time, “Cosette, you pick the pajamas up like this, and put them in this drawer, just like that.  Yes, very good.”

As a big sister myself, there was something very familiar seeming about that moment…

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