Two Tiny Ladies

We measured the girls this morning, and so tonight I thought I’d look back to see Alaythia at the same age.  I found this post.  Interesting how much changes and how much stays the same!  Alaythia is still a loyal friend and family member (trust me, don’t mess with Cosette when she’s around.  you’ll pay.), and still loves her shoes!  Our one Black Friday purchase was a pair of black shiny shoes (in size 11!!) for the holidays, thanks to good old Target.

So far as how they literally measure up, Cosette is 31″ and 21.5 lbs — which seems to be nearly exactly what Alaythia was at the same age.  Though based on this post, it seems Cosette’s feet at this age are slightly larger, but the rest of her is actually a little smaller — largely judged from clothing.  But, if the clothes stretched a bit after Alaythia wearing them, then that would explain why some don’t fit Cos!  The seasons are also opposite, so that makes it a little hard to track.  One thing is clear though: they say toddlers either focus their brains towards talking or moving, and it’s certain one of ours did each!  Cosette can climb like a monkey, but I can’t fathom her talking in the way Alaythia did in this post.  Cosette does have a growing vocabulary these days — it seems she is a little nervous about talking.  Once she’s tried out a word timidly, if she gets lots of praise and we keep encouraging that word, then she can keep doing it.  But she doesn’t seem very confident about her talking — when it doubt, she relies on her stellar pointing and nodding/shaking head skills.  And really, why ask for things if you can try and get them herself!  We have definitely found her helping herself to snacks around the kitchen with amazing precision.  Thankfully her advanced physical skills are matched with a sharp eye to neatness and organization, so if she makes a mess (or if Alaythia does…) she generally cleans it up herself as quickly as she can.  

Recognize the red coat in the link above?


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