Cosette is finally talking a little bit!! She’s got her own little dialect that I’m recording some of here for the sake of remembrance.

To-tah: toast/bread
Wa-wa: water
Aya: Alaythia
Wi-wi: Wendy
Cha-eeeee: Charlie
Nack-nee: fruit snack
Bee: blanket
Ah-duh: all done
Shouw: show
Shu: shoes
Sh*t: shirt (often said several times in a row, sometimes with shoes or show, which makes her sound like a little sailor)
Ee-Ee-ah-ah: monkey pajamas, or I want to watch Curious George
Sit-sit (with pointing): I want you/me to sit there
Bee-bee! : baby
Beh: bed

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